Sunday, 22 June 2008



The dad we don’t want to have
To some he is the loud voice
That brings them back to order.
He could be a drunk, irresponsible
Indolent, wicked and the bully to
Remember forever.
What about the one who abuses
His wife and children?
He is loud, irritating and intolerant.

Could he be the one who was always
Absent only to show up on certain
Occasions? ‘Was he ever there?’
Another might ask.
All thoughts of him was those scary
Moments when death could have been
Best welcomed.

The Dad we have and can never replace.
How about the lone and constant
Cheerleader who never gave up even
When everyone else had given up?
He stood by and provided to help
us on our way.
He was the hardworking father
Who toiled both day and night to give
His family food, shelter and warmth.

He showed the kids the way to the
One true God simply by his shining
Exemplary life. To him All the hurts,
Frustrations and mistakes experienced by
His children were mere springboards
To greater achievements in life.
He is a gentle, loving, and quiet
Believer in his children’s inabilities
Not minding their obvious weakness.

Nothing held back, the family altar
Was a place of reality. He stood as
Worthy priest daily bringing God’s
Word to his forbears.
His words were always comfort.
A more worthy father who can find?

This day is set aside to honour you.
Nothing, absolutely, nothing could
Be compared to you. No matter how
We try, we can never repay you.
Our upright lives and varied successes
Are the loudest accolades you so rightly
Deserve. Relax, sit back and relish the
Fruit of all your labour.
You are our pride. God bless you.
We salute your greatness.
We love you. Many hearty cheers to
A well deserving Dad!!!

© Joy Ozono
June 2008

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